In May 2021, The Experiment Digital’s Climate Change & the Environment program took more than 60 students from 21 countries on an educational journey to learn how the climate crisis intersects with social issues like racial inequality, public health, and education. The program also includes sessions on leadership development, youth empowerment, and digital citizenship. We caught up with some of the program alumni to find out what inspired them to participate, what lessons they took from the program, and how they put that learning into practice.

Here’s what they told us:

José Rivera Martínez, Mexico

“I finished high school and got a full scholarship to study sustainability engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey. In the future, I would like to get involved in environmental protection and conservation-related projects, as well as creating my own projects to help the environment and vulnerable communities.”

Joanna Masa, Germany

“I learned that teenagers have the ability to cause and contribute to change through activism. Additionally, I learned about grassroots activism and a regenerative economy. Lastly, I was also able to learn about organizing and leading a successful public campaign. The amazing people I met through the program gave me hope for the future of our planet.”

Josué Corona, Mexico

“Now I see everything with a different perspective. … I try to see literally everything focused on sustainability. [I also gained] confidence and the ability to express myself with ease.”

Nour Hazem, Egypt

“What really inspired me to join the Climate Change & the Environment program is my will to cause a change in the world and radically solve the climate change problems facing the planet. I have learned a lot throughout this course about the different environmental problems caused by extractive economies and organizations and how can youth cause change for such organizations for a better future.”

Visha Kistama, Guyana

“I went on to be a part of the first cohort of Guyanese youth to be admitted to the Yale Young Global Scholars Program in 2021 and led 20 youths from over 10 Caribbean countries to plan a project that would help spread awareness on climate change.”

Jordi López López, Spain

“I came up with an idea called World Zero Co2, where we propose international and ecological digital courses to palliate the effects of climate change and achieve zero Co2 emissions by 2050. ... I can say that without any doubt it’s an experience that has changed my life.”

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