One World, Learning

means building on the strength of all our programs—through World Learning, The Experiment, and School for International Training—to make the world better today and for generations to come. How do we do that? Through your support.

World Learning’s programs empower students to form meaningful connections with communities worldwide. Your generous support will not only help fund ongoing innovations—it will create a lasting impact globally.

You could change someone’s life, and ultimately the world, by funding:

  • A scholarship for a student who will build on their experience with World Learning to create a tech company focused on elevating small businesses and job creation in local communities.
  • A new digital learning model that increases access to thousands of students worldwide, allowing us to continue our work in global exchange when we couldn’t leave our homes, This digital program model will have a lasting impact by giving opportunities to those who can’t travel outside of their countries for political, social, or financial issues.
  • Programs that inspire a student to pay it forward through education by establishing a children’s museum.
  • Curriculum that leads a student to put in the work to preserve endangered indigenous languages, keeping the spirit and culture of a community alive for years to come.

How do we know this is possible? Because these are real stories of real people: World Learning, The Experiment, and SIT students and participants. Our supporters have made experiences like these come to life. Our supporters have proven that when students and participants leave our programs, they go on to change the world. All they need is someone like you to believe in them and the future they can create.

Make an Impact

Curious about all the ways you can support this life changing work and make real impact?

  • TIME: We want to hear from you and learn from your experiences with World Learning, The Experiment, and SIT. Reach out to share your story with us and others.
  • TALENT: We want to share the incredible things you’ve gone on to accomplish. Do you own a business? Do you support your local community? Did you write a book? We want to know!
  • RESOURCES: You can help keep our programs flourishing through a generous gift that makes all of this possible.

There are several ways that you can help us change the world. You can:

  • Provide opportunity and education to students.
  • Create a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Spark innovation—the next “big idea.”

Connect with us so we can learn more about how you want to have an impact, or make a gift today.

For questions, to schedule a conversation about how you can give back, or to share your story, please reach out to We would love to get to know you!

Create connections. Transform the world.